Monday, 2 August 2010

A Grooving Trio

Just a small shout-out to Groove3, whom I have recently discovered. Having perused many of their sample videos, I have already come to the conclusion that they cover their subject matter (audio production) in great depth. The pacing seems about right for beginners and intermediates, and I'm willing to bet more advanced users will find much to enjoy too. I'm still waiting for a few more Ableton-centric packs, personally, but I'm very tempted by Designing Electronic Drums. (Which looks like it will cover various methods of drum creation, not only synthetic, because layering some good samples can also produce excellent results.)

In the hopes one or two people may happen upon this post looking for such material, I am rather choosy with such things: pacing is crucial, video and audio quality is paramount, but most of all, the tutor's attitude must be conducive to a learning atmosphere. Groove3 seem to have a good line in these already, but if you're looking for others, I'd also recommend Sirs Abletonians-Extraordinaires Tom Cosm and Nick Maxwell.

Finally, I took four years out of my life to dedicate to music and production courses. I would advocate this route today, because a good college or university will give you continuous goals to reach for and steadily improve your abilities. But it has to be said, if you have the time and willpower (and also if you would rather not pay course fees!), the amount of tuition material for audio production is nowadays growing fast, and is absolutely a suitable way to go. Take your time, experiment, try remixing tunes you like and competitions. Try making your own soundtracks to music videos or film trailers. Set short-term goals, and you will improve.