Friday, 12 November 2010

Casimir's Blake 2010 Album Released!

The new Casimir's Blake album is released!

Casimir's Blake explores the fathoms of the deepest spacial sectors, places many wouldn't dare. His journey was initially laden with Global Communication-eqsue downbeat ambiences (on Kahvi Records 2009 LP release Casimir Corona and Mono211 Records 2010 LP release The Silence In Fragile Space). The pace picked up this February with the explosive 5-tracker Ejecta Nebula EP on Kahvi, revealing a far more energetic, techno-infused side to Casimir's story.

Casimir's new 2010 LP is packed with even greater diversity: eclectic exploration of space epic maximalism. Propelled by fiery, supernova synth leads and relentless percussion. An amalgam of progressive techno, melodic electronics, maximalism and psychedelic Moraz-esque solos.

Casimir's Blake is available at bandcamp FLAC and other lossless formats. Join the new space-race now!

All the tracks are previewable in full, as many times as you wish, from Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

Thanks for listening!

- Casimir's Blake.

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